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To understand human nature we study not only its physical and psychological dimentions but also its social and cultural manifestations. Human beings evolved as social animals and cannot keep well, physically or mentally, unless they remain in contact with other human being. More then any other social species we engaged in collective thinking, and in doing so create a world of culture and values that becomes an integral part of our natural environment. Thus bilogical and cultural characteristics of human nature cannot be separated. Human kind emerged through the very process of creating culture and needs this culture for its survival and future evolution. Human evolution, then, progresses through an interplay of inner and outer words individuals and societies, nature and culture. All these realms are living systems in mutual interaction that display similar patterns of self-organization. Social institutions evolve toward increasing complexity and differentiation, not unlike organic structures, and mental pattern exhibit the creativity and urge for self-trancendence that is characteristic of all life. 'It is the nature of mind to be creative, The more the depths of the mind are plumbed, the more abundantly they produce'.


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